FRIGOMATICS, Telematics for refrigerated transport
Lamberet, which specializes in refrigerated vehicles, offers an all-in-one solution combining a semi-trailer, refrigeration unit, and onboard telematics.

Our Frigomatics solution, developed with Novacom, the European leader in onboard telematics, offers you many advantages:
Geolocation and delivery route optimization, lower operating costs, real-time tracking of your vehicles' status, improved dispatching quality and reliability, and a safer fleet.
Our new vehicle sales department is ready to put together your customised Frigomatics solution:
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Frigomatics for your entire fleet!  
The Frigomatics system uses wireless technology whatever the brand or age of your semi-trailers. We can retrofit the system, giving you the same benefits and services as on your new vehicles.
Is your fleet being dispatched all over Europe? Our network covers 35 countries and arranges can operate directly on your sites!
Do you have an older telematics contract?
Frigomatics can import the data from your earlier systems into its own interface, whichever operator they use!
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Frigomatics: The reliability of a factory-installed system

Lamberet has incorporated the Frigomatics solution into the design of your vehicle. The equipment therefore has "factory original" reliability perfectly suited to your refrigerated semi-trailer.

The Frigomatics system includes:
• A DG200 terminal that provides GPS geolocation, and collects and analyzes data from the semi-trailer's sensors and systems. With a four-band modem, the DG200 transmits this data in real time to Novacom's secure server platform.
• A CAN interface connected to the semi-trailer's EBS: mileage, axle load, brake wear, etc.
• A connection interface dedicated to refrigeration units that can display error codes, run time, temperatures, etc.
• Multiple dedicated sensors: Thermometers, tyre pressure sensors, door opening sensors, etc.

Full control over your vehicle

Frigomatics allows you to track, control, and protect your vehicles and their cargo in real time.
Our range of packages offers the following applications:

•Geolocation: Your vehicle's speed and position are known at all times. Anticipate your deliveries time and optimize your rounds.
• Temperature monitoring: The temperature in each compartment and the set point temperature, operation of the unit, error codes, battery and tank levels, door opening.
• Semi-trailer monitoring: hitching/unhitching, door opening, mileage, EBS data, axle load, preventive maintenance data (brakes, etc.), tyre pressure.
• Theft prevention: GPS tracking, door lock sensor, keyless entry code, areas where door-opening is prohibited, etc.

Your 24/7 management interface

Frigomatics gives you a secure management interface accessible 24/7 on the Internet, using whatever device you prefer, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Your Frigomatics account gives you more than just real-time data; it also includes data logs for your vehicles for a contractually set period. This makes it easier to manage your fleet: No more storing printouts of data, or collecting reports directly from the vehicles. From a managerial perspective, you can retrace the itineraries taken by your vehicles and optimize your rounds, and calculate an active/inactive ratio or on-time delivery rate.

With Frigomatics, you can give your clients partial secure access to data about their deliveries.

A smart alert system

Get alerts in the form of real-time text messages or e-mails programmed in advance:
Cargo monitoring: Temperature differential, failure to turn on the refrigeration unit, driving with the door open, etc.
Your just-in-time deliveries: When a vehicle reaches a zone, stops, or resumes driving, hitching, etc.
Safety for drivers and equipment: Doors open outside authorized areas, unauthorized motion detection, speed alert, etc.

These alerts can be set individually by vehicle, e.g. to be received by both the fleet manager and the driver. Think of the savings: The tyre pressure sensor warns you about a puncture before it happens. You can order your driver off the road in time and notify the garage where the tyre will be repaired.

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