KERSTNER, the refrigeration unit specialist for vans
KERSTNER, a LAMBERET subsidiary, offers the widest range of electrically-drive refrigeration units for vans on the market.
KERSTNER also develops extremely reliable on-board air-conditioning solutions for the military sector renowned for its stringent demands.

In Germany, Northern and Eastern Europe, KERSTNER sells “all-in-one” integrated body solutions for vans, in partnership with the major automobile brands.
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Over 30 years’ experience!  
KERSTNER GmbH, a brand founded in 1983, has more than 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing refrigeration units for vans.

With key innovations to its credit, the company is acclaimed by the major LCVs manufacturers including MERCEDES and VOLKSWAGEN.
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CJ 106 EA

The first environmentally sound, 100%-integrated electric refrigeration unit, specially designed for light and compact vans intended for controlled-temperature transport in ATP class A (above-zero cold) up to 5 m3.

With an integrated compressor, condenser and evaporator, the new e-CoolJet 106 chiller is completely invisible from the outside. Miniaturization and compactness of its components make it compatible with the new WLTP standard. This penalizes indeed any additional front surface generated by the conventional groups mounted on the roof.

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CJ 103 EA/RS refrigeration unit

The KERSTNER CJ 103 EA/RS electric refrigeration unit sets the benchmark for electric refrigeration solutions for light vans and vans up to 5 m3.

Its power and exceptional ventilation (750 m3/h) ensure your precious load is kept cold (positive temperatures from 0°C upwards).

It is the only refrigeration unit on the market with an extra-flat roof-integrated evaporation system that leaves the useable height of your van intact.


Kerstner at the cutting edge of environmental technologies:

Electrical refrigeration units use a negligibly larger amount of power compared to drive pulley technology.

Stop & Start compatibility and refrigeration units, depending on the models.

All-electric refrigerated vehicles, with refrigeration unit operating time backed up by a dedicated battery pack. Discover the 100% electric refrigerated RENAULT Kangoo ZE and MERCEDES Vito ECELL vans!

CJ 203 EA/RS refrigeration unit

A KERSTNER exclusive, this electric refrigeration unit intended for large vans offers you features that are unique on the market:

Electric technology that guarantees compatibility with the original air-conditioning in your van and no additional consumption by the engine.

Power to provide refrigeration (from 0°C) for up to 10 m3.

Extra-flat roof-integrated evaporator preserving the inside height

Silent in use.


KERSTNER offers you the benefit of a network of more than 260 accredited service points in Europe.

In France, LAMBERET has set up a telephone helpdesk which can be contacted on 03 85 30 85 30.

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