Lamberet incorporates the best of the top-of-the-range components sourced from the best specialists in the refrigerated road transport and industrial vehicles sector into its bodywork. It is a key player involved with its customers and the statutory bodies to improve quality and accessibility to temperature-controlled transport. Find out about our main partners below.
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Union Nationale du Transport Frigorifique
The UNTF is an association that brings together perishable foodstuff road haulage companies and associated members, transport industry organizations and equipment manufacturers. It thus represents the speciality together with the specific features of refrigerated transport. Lamberet is a leading and long-standing partner of the UNTF.
Carrier Transicold
Refrigeration units
Carrier Transicold is one of the global leaders for on-board refrigeration. Lamberet is a Carrier agent, accredited to install and commission its refrigeration units. We thus offer you an "all-in-one" bodywork + refrigeration unit solution. Find the refrigeration unit features on the Carrier Transicold website together with the contact details for the help and services network:
Fédération Française de la Carrosserie
FFC Constructeurs
FFC Constructeurs is the French guild of coachbuilders and semi-trailer and container manufacturers. It has a membership of 400 companies which employ 20,000 people. FFC Constructeurs is a key player in promoting French coachbuilders’ expertise and an "expert" authority for statutory bodies responsible for changes to legislation or standards (UNO, EE, AFNOR, etc.). Lamberet SAS is a long-standing member of the FFC.
Refrigeration units
Thermo King has a vast range of solutions purpose-designed for the temperature-controlled transport sector. Lamberet is an accredited Thermo King partner for the sale and installation of its refrigeration units, and thus offers you an "all-in-one" bodywork + refrigeration unit solution. Find out about the technical features of the refrigeration units on the Thermo King website together with the contact details of the help and services network:
Technical and economic research body for refrigerated transport
Transfrigoroute France, was set up on 21 March 1955, to promote initiatives and resources to foster the development of perishable foodstuff transport by road, and also the quality of equipment and services offered by companies. Lamberet is a member of Transfrigoroute France as a bodywork manufacturer.
Refrigeration units
EDT is a French refrigeration unit manufacturer for utility vehicles. Lamberet fits the EDT range of electrically and motor pulley-driven refrigeration units as standard build on its vehicles. Find the whole range on the EDT website and its after-sales network.
ATP competent authority
Cémafroid manages the DATAFRIG system that centralizes demands for ATP certification in France. Cémafroid measures vehicle conformity and delivers certificates for France under the terms of the public service delegation of the Ministry for Agriculture. Lamberet is a CEMAFROID-accredited tester. Find all the details about ATP on the CEMAFROID website:
Refrigeration units
FrigoBlock Grosskopf GmbH is a European transport refrigeration unit distributor. Its offer emphasizes alternator technology or diesel-electric drive and eutectic accumulation systems for refrigeration. Lamberet, a long-standing FrigoBlock partner, integrates the whole range of refrigeration units into its body offer.
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