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  Frigovan H2 Zero Emission Hydrogen
LAMBERET developed the first refrigerated application for a hybrid electric-hydrogen utility!
The body " Frigovan H2 Zero Emission ", associates fuel cell hydrogenate (PAC H2) SYMBIO, dedicated insulation Easyfit, refrigeration LAMBERET Kerstner tri-mode and embedded telematics.
  COLIBUS : A volume of 4m³ for the city
This high quality refrigerated van has exclusive advantages.
The two doors unveil all the packages and open in one movement with a minimum movement to never be blocked.
Dedicated batteries to ensure at least 5 hours of autonomy in positive cold. For 1 euros per 100 km!
  Innovation: Cryogenic rigid "Zero Petroleum" refrigerated
LAMBERET has a complete range of refrigerated bodies dedicated to the cryogenic refrigeration system: rigid of small tonnage (from 12t), heavy rigids and semi-trailers, mono and multi-temperature.
  SR2 X-City - Deliver straight to the heart of cities !
As a major innovation, Lamberet has added to its repertoire a complete range of “City” refrigerated semi-trailers. These vehicles are characterised by optimised handling, reduced fuel consumption and reduced tyre slip. They are an ideal response to the challenges of urban and regional distribution.
  Rigid HD CX-System Multi-temperature
Lamberet is providing the ultimate demonstration of personalisation capacity offered by this range, with the exhibition of a taylor-made HD box designed for a major brand businesses oriented fresh products distributor. Dedicated to the intensive distribution of chilled and frozen products, its new multi-compartment configuration combines external compactness, safety and operational efficiency.
  SR2 CX System - SOLUTRANS 2013 Innovation Prize
Proof by innovation – the CX System concept rolled out over the entire SR2 range affects both the energy consumption of the articulated vehicle through improved external aerodynamics and refrigeration unit efficiency by encouraging carburation, thermal performance and internal airflow.
  Rigid HD & CX System
The HD Rigid is the new Lamberet offer on this 12 to 32-tonne vehicle segment. The body has the benefit of the new CX system front end which optimizes the vehicle’s air penetration coefficient. It also unveils a new HD (Heavy-Duty) rear frame design which is packed full of Lamberet expertise.
  SR2 SuperCity – 2013 IAA Trailer Award
SR2 SuperCity, winner of the 2013 IAA Trailer Award is designed for distribution in areas that are awkward to access (hypermarkets, supermarkets the unloading bays for which require complex manoeuvres). Its two electro-hydraulic steering axles make it as manoeuvrable as an average-weight rigid.
  New Frigoline Pro – Body for flatbeds and chassis up to 7.5 t
NEW FRIGOLINE PRO was developed to equip all the market’s flatbeds and chassis from 2.5 to 7.5 tonnes. Its design concentrates the cutting-edge technologies tested on Lamberet semi-trailers by the major road hauliers with no concessions to payload: the frame associates aluminium, VHEL steels and stainless steel combining reduced weight with exceptional strength; the best insulation; easy maintenance and repairs and ergonomics.
  SR2 SuperBeef - SOLUTRANS 2011 Innovation Prize
SR2 Super Beef targets the stability issue in semi-trailers specifically for transporting hanging meat. With its "SuperStable" extended-width chassis – an exclusivity of Lamberet the winner of the 2011 Innovation Prize – SR2 SuperBeef also has a body specifically modified to ensure longer service life and better insulation in the context of demanding use.
  SR2 SuperDuplex - 66 pallets on two levels with no risk.
SR2 SuperDuplex, the duplex refrigerated semi-trailer that offers loading capacity of 66 pallets on levels, minimises the risk of rollover thanks to its SUPERSTABLE chassis. SR2 SuperDuplex adapts to all your transport configurations offering you unmatched stability.
  SR2 Heavy-Duty - 2010SIVI Courtrai Trailer Award
The SR2 HD was designed for the distribution segment, as all the areas put under stress are given maximum strengthening. Our expertise in working with composite materials and our progress in controlling weight mean we can offer exceptional ruggedness while maximizing the payload and minimizing fuel consumption.
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